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These are pics I've drawn, and since I draw often, there'll be much more than four, six, or eight pics on display at once. Take a look, you'll find something awesome in my gallery. ;)


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


As of yesterday, I took the prices off my digital foot pics. I decided to do that as a means to be fair.
Yang Forces Her Strength
It's Yang, and she's doing a stomp now, within her own bedroom.

This one was gonna be a quick pic, but earlier this week, stuff happened and it really slowed me down. But despite that, this was a fun pic to draw, even making the background.

EDIT: Just to clarify, it's not the OC of Zexusmoneypenny, Ryan, who is being underneath Yang's foot, it's actually the OC of Nicemanmk, Draken. Plus I did it as a gift for :iconnicemanmk:, a dedication for him.

RWBY (c) Rooster Teeth
May You Serve My Clean Feet (+Extra Pics +Story)

May and Serena just finished a shopping trip and bought a hotel room to rest. May sat down on the bed while Serena put her bags down.

"hey Serena~? Wanna lick my dirty and sweaty feet?" May said while giving a seductive smile.

"yes, May~" Serena quickly responded as she made her way to May.

May slowly and teasingly took her shoes and socks off. Revealing her sexy, smelly and sweaty feet. She wiggled her toes in Serena’s face. Sending the smell of May's feet into her nose.Serena began to lick May's sweaty and dirty soles. May moaned with pleasure as Serena was licking her feet.

"so good~! Keep licking." May said as she wiggled her toes.

Serena continued to lick while adding in kisses to her soles. May was enjoying every second of Serena worshipping her soles.

"Serena~? Wanna be my foot pet?" May said as she placed her feet on Serena’s face and began rubbing her sweaty soles onto her face.

Serena simply moaned, telling May that she would love to be her foot pet.

Now this one was VERY hard to draw, the background, pose, and even perspective. Anyway, this is May showing her smooth, soft, pretty bare feet, however, she's wanting Serena to come in and massage her feet. They had quite a long day shopping at the mall, so May's feet are quite tired, and they'd need some love.

Additional versions are available in the ZIP folder. The folder is now at a reduced price, 30 :points: to download the other versions.

Story written by :iconnicemanmk:, thank you for helping with the story.


Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Feet Fit For A Princess (+Extra Pics +Story)

In Peach’s bedroom, Mario and Luigi just made Peach’s bed after a long day of saving Peach from Bowser. With Daisy in her room, Peach sat down on her bed and removed her shoes, revealing her huge, sweaty barefeet.

“Daisy, want to worship my soles? “ Peach said as she wiggles her sweaty toes seductively.

“yes Peach~” Daisy said as she sat down in front of Peach.

Daisy immediately began to lick and kiss Peach’s sweaty and sexy soles. This causes Peach to moan as Daisy drags her tongue over her soles. Peach curled her toes Around Daisy’s tongue and rubbed it between her toes. Daisy freed her tongue and resumed licking.

“you're going to be my only royal foot toy~.” Peach said as she giggled as winked seductively.

Peach then rubbed her huge, sweaty soles on Daisy’s face. Dasiy submits to Peach’s huge soles.

”That sounds amazing~! I'd love to~!” Dasiy said as she kisses her soles.

This one was quite difficult to draw, especially the background. I had to change and recolor the background so many times, it was quite a challenge. Anyway, Peach is teasing us by showing her smooth, soft, pretty barefeet while she's sitting on a new bed that Mario and Luigi made for her. Peach does have fine tastes, so she demanded the best new piece of furniture to sit on.


Super Mario Bros (c) Nintendo
Dawn Of A New POV Foot (+Extra Pics +Story)

After a long and hard battle, Dawn beat Cynthia in a tough Pokemon battle.

"This is impossible! How could you beat Me?!" Cynthia said as she fell to her knees.

"Because I'm stronger. Now~. You're going to worship my feet." Dawn said as she takes off her shoes and socks, revealing her sweaty and smelly barefeet. Dawn then planted her left foot onto Cynthia’s face and Began to rub her sweaty sole onto her face. Cynthia gags at the smell as she struggles under Dawn’s sexy sole. Dawn then rubs Cynthia’s Nose between her toes, forcing Cynthia to smell Her feet.

"You know that you love my soles~ admit it." Dawn said as she sat down and placed her other foot on Cynthia’s face.

"They stink!" Cynthia said as she gagged at the smell again.

"You're going to love this part~." Dawn said as she placed her big toe on Cynthia’s lips.

Cynthia knows what she has to do. She sticks her tongue out and licks her Dawn’s soles. This causes Dawn to moan as she wiggles her toes. Cynthia begins to kiss her soles as Dawn rests her toes on Cynthia’s forehead.

"Am I Done?" Cynthia said as she stopped licking.

"Nope. You're going to be my foot toy~." Dawn said as she planted her sole on Cynthia’s lips.One of the strongest pokemon trainers is now at the mercy of Dawn.

In this pic, Dawn is also putting her foot down. She defeated Cynthia earlier and is gonna rub her sweaty, smelly foot onto her pretty face. But how sweaty and smelly do you think Dawn's feet would be in those boots and socks? ;)


Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Say Alola To My POV Foot (+Extra Versions +Story)

After the long hard battle with Lusamine, Moon was quite relieved to defeat her. Before she could retreat, Lusamine was stopped and her wrists were tied together.

"You won't escape me, not after what you did to Lillie and me!" Moon exclaimed.

"This is unfair, I'm the founder of Aether, you can't do this to me!!" Lusamine exclaimed.

"Oh, I defeated you fair and square, it's time you kneel to me instead." Moon said.

Having a look of disgust, Lusamine had no choice but to stay put. Moon then sat on the chair she brought with her, she started to take off her shoes slowly. Since Alola is a hot, humid place, and since Moon traveled all day in her shoes, especially with no socks, her feet had a musty, sweaty, smelly, hot smell to them. The smell was quite nasty to Lusamine, since she's not used to smelling feet. Moon then puts her feet in front of Lusamine's face, Lusamine gags at the smell and tries to wiggle away.

"You're such a stubborn woman, I guess I'm gonna have to do this....." Moon said.

To ensure that Lusamine wouldn't fight back, Moon took out a big cloth, and she tied it around Lusamine's mouth. Moon then puts her sweaty, musty feet onto Lusamine's face. She couldn't help it, she started to sniff Moon's smelly, sweaty feet, gagging slightly at the smell. Moon had a mean smirk on her face.

"You know you want it, you know you want my stinky feet." Moon smirked.

Moon then starts to rub her feet slowly onto Lusamine's face and even onto her hair, making sure to rub her foot sweat onto her. She then makes Lusamine suffer more by rubbing her smelly toes onto her nose, Moon gives a meaner smirk.

"I'll bet you also love this too." Moon smirked.

Lusamine surrenders fully to Moon and her feet, inhaling her toes and the smell of her foot. Moon then smiles and rubs her sweaty, musty sole onto Lusamine's nose. She follows it up with rubbing her other foot onto Lusamine's cheeks, then rubbing her toes through her hair.

"Mmmmhmmmm, now that's what I like to see, time for the best part~ Moon blushed.

As Lusamine finished smelling her feet, Moon started to untie and lower the cloth. She had another idea in mind, and it wasn't freeing Lusamine.

"What are you going to do now?" Lusamine asked, having a worried look on her face.

"The best part is now, you have to lick my soles~" Moon replied.

Moon puts her sweaty feet in front of Lusamine's face, just a half inch away. She then starts licking Moon's sweaty, musty soles, the smell was already strong to Lusamine, but the consisted of salty sweat, and a bit of smoothness. Moon moaned at the feeling of her tongue rubbing onto her soles, Lusamine then licks her heels deeply, rubbing her tongue onto them. She then moves her tongue up to her arches, licking deeply and slowly onto Moon's smooth, silky, musty, soft arches. Lusamine moved up to the balls of Moon's feet, which were pretty messy and sweaty. She thoroughly licks the balls of Moon's feet, making sure to lick every wrinkle of them as well.

"Oooohhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhh, since when did you get so good at treating feet~?" Moon asked while enjoying the pampering.

"I had experience before......alright?" Lusamine replied.

Seeing how good Lusamine was at worshipping her musty, sweaty, smelly feet, Moon decided to keep Lusamine for a little while, making sure she licks every part of her foot. Unlike Moon, Lusamine was actually suffering while licking Moon's soles, she wasn't used to being a foot slave.

This was pretty fun to draw, the female protagonist from Pokemon Sun and Moon putting her foot down. She's about to step on Lusamine, the lady who gave her and her friend Lillie a hard time earlier in her journey. Since Moon adventured with no socks in her shoes, her feet must be very sweaty and smelly. ;)


Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Plumeria Stomps (Colored Pic)
This is a pic of Plumeria throwing her foot down in dominance, it was a status post I shown months ago, but I later requested Zolak on Foot Fetish Booru to color it, and he's great at coloring pics. If you have any uncolored sketches of feet pics, he can give nice coloring to them.

Coloring done by Zolak
Pic drawn by me

Pokemon (c) Nintendo


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United States
Hello, this is Daniel. I happen to be a simple yet creative man who has many great ideas. I have been drawing for many years, tuning my style well, and even meeting plenty of great friends, some being close to me also.

Milk Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis Apple Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose iPods: Music is Love Stamp by Uchihas-Prodigy I support all types of sexuality stamp! by ProjectWRITTEN

My websites are listed below


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